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Benson County Job Development Authority

The Benson County Job Development Authority (BCJDA) was established in 1993 as a county-wide authority committed to addressing the needs and problems of economic development in Benson County.


The purpose of the BCJDA is to use the proceeds of the mill levy to provide financing incentives for businesses to locate or expand in Benson County. The primary purpose of the Authority is to create new jobs, save existing jobs, create new wealth, expand the local tax base, increase capital investment, diversify the local economy, improve the entrepreneurial climate of the region & generally expand the primary sector financial base of the county.

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Current JDA Board 2024

Laura Winson

Josh Haagenson

Krista Estenson

Marianne Sears


Gary Elfman


Roger Hill


Scott Todahl

For more information, or to apply for assistance, please contact:

Sandy Shively

North Central Planning Council

Kristen Jacobson

North Central Planning Council

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